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Sky dive indoors in any weather

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iFly Orlando, the first operation of its type that has expanded to scores of locations in the U.S. and overseas, can turn almost anyone into a successful sky diver without the need for an airplane or any special athletic skill.

How? By having you float in a 12-foot wide clear wind tunnel on I-Drive where speeds up to 175 mph propel you aloft.

iFly Orlando has been so popular it moved to a larger facility near the Orange County Convention Center to double capacity by adding a second air tunnel. Seating around each tunnel is available for those accompanying sky divers.

The iFly Orlando I-Drive experience starts with a briefing session on maintaining proper body position and hand signals to use for communicating in the wind tunnel.

Following the instruction session, participants put on flight suit, knee and elbow pads, ear plugs, helmet and goggles. Then, it’s time to take flight in the wind tunnel.

The experience takes about an hour from start to finish.  iFly Orlando also is good active rainy day activity. It is located between ICEBAR Orlando and Wonderworks.

Restrictions & Conditions: No one under the age of 3 or over 250 pounds. Anyone under 18 needs a parent or guardian to sign the release waiver. Those who have prior shoulder dislocations or back or neck problems or heart problems should check with their doctor before attempting the iFly Orlando experience.

At A Glance

8969 International Drive
Orlando Florida 32819
(407) 337-4359
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