Iceberg Lake

Swim with icebergs, if you dare.

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Iceberg Lake is no misnomer. Tucked below the tall Mt. Wilbur in Glacier National Park, the blue lake holds floating ice well through August. Tall cliffs where mountain goats walk surround the lake, and above lurk the jagged teeth of the Iceberg Wall.

For sheer wild beauty, the lake attracts hikers in droves. The brave dive in for the briefest of swims with the icebergs. The frigid water sucks the breath right out of them. In late July, prolific wildflowers bloom, pink spirea to white beargrass.

In Many Glacier, the 10.4-mile round trip trail departs for Iceberg Lake from behind Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. The path climbs 1,193 feet to reach the lake. With the exception of the steep first quarter mile, the trail follows a pleasant pitch. Hikers can thank Great Northern Railway for constructing the gentle railroad grade. After crossing the outlet creek, the trail crests a ridge for a stunning view of white icebergs floating on the blue lake.

The trail crosses through hefty bear terrain. If you’re nervous, join the free hike led by park service naturalists several times per week.


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Many Glacier
Glacier National Park Montana

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