Pebbles Beach Equine Experience

Horses can swim, in Barbados!

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Horses can swim in Barbados, and it’s a unique experience. Horse lovers who visit Barbados will be charmed to watch the horses swim at Pebbles Beach, near the Barbados Cruising Club. The only catch is that you have to get up very early to see them.

On Thursday and Sunday morning after a race meeting, trainers take the horses to the beach for a swim. They usually do so around six am.

The swims are good for the horses, giving them some good exercise without any stress. The saltwater is thought to be good for them too. And they really seem to enjoy the experience.

The jockeys are happy to chat, and the sight of those gorgeous animals enjoying a cool, early morning dip is very special.

At A Glance

Pebbles Beach
Six am, Thursday and Sunday after a race.


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