Hollywood Cemetery

The Legend of the Black Iron Dog in Hollywood Cemetery

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Visit the legendary Black Iron Dog in Hollywood Cemetery and take your own pooch along for a stroll along the banks of the James River.

Located near the Confederate memorial, this cast-iron pooch stands sentinel over the graves
of the Reese children. The statue used to be on display in front of a general store on Broad Street and the Reese children loved to stop and “pet it” or climb on its back.

Charles Reese purchased the dog for his children, but when metals
were being confiscated during the Civil War to melt down for ammunition, the
statue was moved into hiding in the cemetery, where it still stands today,
reunited with its human family.

Three presidents are interred here: James Monroe, John Tyler and Confederate
President Jefferson Davis, along with thousands of Confederate soldiers and
many notable Richmond residents, including Lewis Ginter.

At A Glance

412 South Cherry Street
Richmond VA 23220
(804) 648-8501
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