Hinterland Wine Company

Bubbling with Enthusiasm!

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Hinterland Wine Company is the only Ontario winery that I
know of that’s dedicated to producing bubbly. (Not a bad thing to dedicate
yourself to, if you ask me!) The winery is the love child of Vicki Samaras and
Jonas Newman. The couple started planting in 2005 and about three years in they
decided that sparkling wine works in the County. Here’s a short video of Jonas Newman talking about the winery.

They produce bubbly using all three methods: the Traditional Method (like the
one used to make Champagne) the Charmat Process (the method used to make
Prosecco and Charmats), and the Ancestral method. Here’s a short video of Jonasdescribing the different methods.

The winery is a unique structure: a masonry barn base with a modern Quonset-hut
type top. The tasting room is basic, but Babette – their Wirehaired Pointing
Griffon dog quietly greets visitors and Vicky and Jonas are more than happy to
drop what they’re doing and talk to you about their wines, inviting you to try
some of their bubbly, and perhaps a glass of the wine they make with a Greek
winemaker in Limnos. (Vicki – or more properly: Vasiliki – is of Greek heritage
and the couple are excited about their Greek venture.) Heck, they’ll even shuck
a few oysters for you, if you’re interested.

As mentioned, they’re all about bubbly.

They’ve started County Road Beer Company – a craft brewery –
in one of the barns on their property.

Tours and Tastings
Tours are available by appointment. They charge a small fee for tastings. They
sell wine by the glass  and picnickers
are welcome.

At any given time they have some sort of nibbles available. (Sometimes they
have oysters, sometimes sandwiches, sometimes icewine slushies…) If you’re
peckish, ask – you never know with Vicki and Jonas – they’re all about

Jonas Newman is the winemaker.

At A Glance

1258 Closson Rd
Hillier Ontario K0K 2J0

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