Hindi Lane

Quaint Indian enclave in the heart of old city

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Hidden away at the far end of the Textile Souk is one of Dubai’s most unlikely but appealing attractions. Popularly known as “Hindi Lane”, this little ethnic enclave is probably as close to India as you can get without actually going there: a tiny alleyway lined with dozens of microscopic shops and stalls selling all manner of traditional Hindu religious and other paraphernalia, with bangles, bindis and bells alongside fluorescent pictures of gods and goddesses and trays laden with flowers and coconuts.

Halfway along the lane, steps lead up to a tiny two-storey temple, with a Hindu shrine below and a Sikh meeting house above. There’s a second temple around to the left at the far end of the lane, virtually in the shadow of the Grand Mosque, which says a lot about the city’s remarkable religious tolerance compared to other states in the region.

At A Glance

Bur Dubai
Temples open from roughly 6am to noon, and from around 5pm until late

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