Hidden Lake Overlook

Walk among mountain goats.

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In Glacier National Park, Hidden Lake Overlook Trail tiptoes on boardwalks across fragile meadows of yellow paintbrush and pink monkey flower. As the route reaches a glacial moraine, mountain goat nannies and newborn kids hang out in sparse stunted trees.

At Logan Pass on Going-to-the-Sun Road, a stream of hikers lines the 1.5-mile trail to Hidden Lake Overlook. It begins on the uphill from Logan Pass Visitor Center. In June, snow buries the boardwalk and trail, but tall poles mark the route. By mid-July, snowfields melt to reveal yellow glacier lilies followed by paintbrush and pink alpine laurel. By September, meadows turn to gold.

The trail goes above tree line, where broad sweeping views take in the jagged Garden Wall. Tucking between two glacier-carved horns, the overlook is actually a saddle connecting Clements Peak and Mt. Reynolds. On that saddle, the trail crosses the Continental Divide, which divides waters flowing to the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

At 7,152 feet in elevation, hikers reach the overlook deck. Views plunge down to Hidden Lake curling around Bearhat Mountain.

Prepare for changeable weather. Due to the elevation, sunny skies can swap quickly to wind and snow.

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Logan Pass
Glacier National Park Montana

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