Hawken House Museum

How the West Was Won

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Dustin Hoffman carried one in “Little Big Man.”

Robert Redford survived with one in “Jeremiah Johnson”

Clint Eastwood got revenge with one in “The Outlaw Josey Wales.”

Even Tom Hanks relied on one when defending that last bridge at Ramelle in “Saving Private Ryan.”

They are the Hawken Rifles, hand made, one at a time, in St. Louis from 1815-1858. The rifles were preferred by trappers and explorers like Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Davey Crockett and yes, even President Teddy Roosevelt.

This house is where Christopher Hawken lived, the son of Jacob and nephew of Samuel – the brothers who built the Hawken empire. Many original family items are a part of the house, but the Hawken rifle above the mantle is a reproduction.

To see a real Hawken rifle, valued at about $50,000, visit the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park.


At A Glance

1155 South Rock Hill Rd.
Webster Groves
(314) 968-1857


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