Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey Ride Shortcut Tip

Miss the lines, save an hour

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Here is a Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey ride shortcut tip worth knowing. It could save you an hour’s wait in line.

Everyone visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure should take the full tour through Hogwarts Castle before they embark on the famous Forbidden Journey ride. It’s an enjoyable nostalgic walk down memory lane with many of the films’ leading characters.

But after that first tour you might prefer to avoid the long lines and take a short cut that will put you much closer to the ride.  Here is how to do it.

Once you’ve entered the castle, bear to the right side and walk beyond the locker area (no backpacks, hats allowed). The single rider line is on the right side, near the point where the main tour line goes left. Ideally, there will be someone present to direct you to the single rider line if you don’t notice the entrance. If not, ask one of the attendants.

The single rider route bypasses about 90% of the castle’s interior and, depending on how many others take this same shortcut, could put you almost immediately at the boarding platform. Or at  least near the sorting hat.

Two people who want to be together may have to take different journeys but that is not important. You’ll never see your companion once the ride starts. Traveling separately will have you arriving within minutes of each other at the ride’s end in Filch’s Emporium. Talk about the experience at the end.

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