Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

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Harrison’s Cave, Barbados,  is one of the must-see natural wonders in the Caribbean. It’s a massive crystalized limestone cave, a stream cave system that is 2.3 kilometres long. The Interior temperature is an average 27 degrees Celsius and its largest cavern, the Great Hall, measures 15 metres high.

Harrison’s Cave is named after a local landowner in the 1700s, Thomas Harrison, but he probably never entered the caves as they were difficult to access. In the 1970s, the cave was developed and access to the caverns was improved and expanded. It opened officially to the public as an attraction in 1981. It is considered an active cave, as water runs through it and the stalagmites are still growing.

Visitors can take a one-hour guided tram tour through Harrison’s Cave, or you can don helmets, headlamps and kneeguards for a 3.5 hour spelunking adventure that includes exploring the paths around the caves as well as the caverns and nooks inside the caves.

There’s a Junior Explorer Tour that is perfect for younger cavers and budding naturalists.

A half day at Harrison’s Cave is a good option for families — the caves are cool (literally and figuratively) for a hot day and the experience is awesome — a great way to inspire interest in geology, nature and the ancient appeal of caves.

At A Glance

Welchman Hall
St. Thomas BB 22051


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