Harold Parker State Forest

tons of trails and a campground too!

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Tradition has it that many of the homes surrounding this forest were used as Underground Railroad hideouts in the 1850s. So secret doors and chambers can still be seen in old local homes. Frederick Douglass and Harriet Beecher Stowe were frequent visitors to families in the area.

As to the park itself, I’ve never been to a park quite like Harold Parker. The nicest singletrack is reached by smooth paved roads through the woods, for reasons I can’t grasp.

This local favorite can be categorized generally as rocky and technical. While not every trail fits this description, enough do that if you are looking to enjoy such things, you’ll love it, and if it isn’t your favorite, it might be better avoided (Except that there’s a great dirt road heading through the forest from park HQ and a paved road that connects two major parking areas).

Well worth the trip. Nice campground too- and cheap! But it fills up early, so make plans far in advance. Campground is quite near the trails- would make for a fun base for a weekend of riding for sure.

At A Glance

305 middleton rd.
north andover
Sunrise to Sunset

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