Harbour Island

Pink Sand Beaches

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A quick water taxi ride from Eleuthera main island’s north end, Harbour Island is the chain’s most famous destination. Celebrities and wealthy vacationers seek refuge on its famous Pink Sands Beach. Visitors travel by foot or gas-powered golf carts. They tour around the island’s Loyalist-era homes, churches, and other historic sites. They shop in its boutiques, galleries, and bayside craft vendor stands.

It’s an easy day trip for lunch and beaching. A number of high-end resorts accommodate overnighters. The most prized overlook the beach or harbor. They include the historic Dunmore and chichi Pink Sands Resort.

Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback-riding, and clubbing are popular pastimes on Harbour Island. Despite its wealthy clientele, chickens stroll the streets and fishermen bring in their catches to the pier. Restaurants range from Bahamian fare to haute cuisine on Harbour Island, or Briland, as locals call it. SipSip is one of the local favorites for casual dining.

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