Hanalei Bay

Kauai's most epic shoreline

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Ringed by mountains and boasting two miles of sandy beach, Hanalei Bay proves one of Hawai’i’s most stunning strands. Surfers flock to these shores year round, though in winter when the swells pound the sand, only the experienced should brave the waves.

There are three main areas along the bay. The farthest west is the surf beach Pine Trees, typically populated by locals and skilled wave-riders.

In the center of the Bay is Pavilion, which has lifeguard services, toilets, picnic tables, and grills. Though the surf can get big, this is where people swim. Locals gather on weekends for family barbecues.

Near the pier, Black Pot is where kids and tourists learn to surf. On sunny days the water is crowded with swimmers. There is a grassy area with services and pavilions on the east side of Black Pot Beach.

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