THE city in Bermuda

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Hamilton is THE city on Bermuda–If someone is “going to town,” they are heading into Hamilton. Here you find the government buildings, lots of shopping, restaurants and some nightlife.

Front Street is scenic with its multi-colored pastel buildings. This is where you’ll find The Bermuda Book Store, Phoenix Pharmacy, English Sports Shop, Marks & Spencer, Benneton and local department stores, Gibbons and AS Cooper. There is a library, Par la Ville Park, the old Post Office and museum, City Hall with Bermuda National Gallery and Bermuda Society of Arts, the Ferry Terminal, the Bus Terminal (both spots to buy tokens and passes for public transit), The Cathedral, supermarkets, the Royal Yacht Club…

Shall I continue? You can spend a day popping in and out of shops, visiting a few galleries, taking a ride to and from Dockyard on the ferry, enjoying a meal or a drink with a view of the harbor, relaxing in the park, then staying for dinner and after hours clubbing.

You can take yourself around Hamilton, but even better? Take the guided tour led by the Town Crier (April through October, $5)—meet at City Hall on Monday through Friday, at 10.30 a.m.

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