Halloween New Orleans

A spooky good time in the City That Care Forgot

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Halloween New Orleans comes to our city each year the weekend before the big day.  This three-day event is entirely volunteer run and raises money for Project Lazarus, which provides assisted living for local people living with HIV/AIDS.  Friday night brings the fancier Lazarus Ball, when people dress up in their finest for the evening.  Saturday is an all night party called Sideshow.  Costumes are required and it is recommended that you bring your A game. All guests parade across the stage and are judged, both by officials who award prizes at the end as well as by the rest of the crowd.  Sunday ends the weekend with the Funhouse Pier Dance, a more low key party on the riverside which culminates with a Second Line procession through the French Quarter.  This Halloween come celebrate in the City that Care Forgot.  Here every event is a great excuse for another party and we are experts at having a good time.

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