Hall of Opium Museum

Golden Triangle's nefarious past

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The Hall of Opium Museum is a family and user friendly well planned exhibition of the history of opium and its place in the Golden Triangle. This region, once rife for banditry, smugglers, and the center of Southeast Asia’s opium trade has since been replaced by tourism and other agricultural crops, and the museum takes guests on a journey through time, from the beginnings of opium to its rise in Thailand’s north.

Upon entering the museum, one passes through a 150 meter tunnel where synthetic opium aroma traces fill the air and psychedelic music plays as one walks between eerily lit walls which have bas relief images of demons in pain and fear. In addition to the historical halls, there are displays of the paraphernalia associated with opium; pipes, boxes, instruments for weights and measures, and full scale depictions of opium dens and their smokers.

There are displays on medical and other contemporary uses of opium and its derivatives, and then a set of rooms devoted to discussing the drug trade and drugs in general, with a couple of short films to show the damage caused to individuals and their families due to opium addiction. The museum is well put together, and it is easy to spend 3-4 hours here.

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Sop Ruak, Chiang Saen
Chiang Saen Chiang Rai
053 784 060

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