Hale Vietnam

O‘ahu's most popular Vietnamese restaurant

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If you’re driving down 12th Avenue on any given evening, you’re likely to see a group of people hovering around Hale Vietnam’s doors. And that’s because this restaurant servesquite possibly

the island’s best Vietnamese fare.

Never had Vietnamese food before? Well, if Lemon Grass Chicken, BBQ Pork Chops, Long Rice Soup, Summer Rolls, or Green Papaya Salad sound good to you, then you’re probably picking the right restaurant. Arrive early to snag a table—especially on weekends—otherwise, you’ll most likely have to add your name to the list and wait a bit. The good news is tables tend to open up quickly.

Notes: They don’t have a website, but the URL above will direct you to their menu posted on Yelp. Also, for vegetarians there are a handful of options you’ll find on the menu, but if you prefer more variety, head down the street to To Thai For. Thai food tends to be more vegetarian/vegan friendly.

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At A Glance

1140 12th Avenue
Honolulu 96816
Drink, Appetizer & Main: ~$20

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