Haena Beach Park

Camping and caves

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Campers love the shady sites strung along the ocean. And while sadly, this rough beach is not ideal for swimmers (there are rough currents and active sharks in the area), the parking lot makes this beach a great central area for picnics between exploration of the North Shore.

Nearby Waiakanaloa and Waiokapalae Wet Caves are ancient sea caves, formed from higher sea levels approximately 4,000 years ago. Legend has it these caves were dug by Pele when she was looking for fire. Today the water in the caves fluctuates with the tides and swimming is not permitted.

Also nearby is Maniniholo Dry Cave. This huge ancient sea cave was named after the head fisherman of the Menehune when the little people were preparing to leave the island. They left half of their fish on Haena Beach and when they returned, they were all gone. It is said that the Menehune dug out the cave to find and kill the thieves. Today you can wander deep into this humid cave and hear the water dripping down the sides.

Active types might walk the quarter mile to Tunnels Beach, a great surf and snorkel spot, or Ke’e Beach at the end of the road.

At A Glance

Highway 560, mile marker 9
Haena 96746

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