Guthrie Scottish Rite Masonic Temple

Masonic magnificence at its best

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The Scottish Rite building’s classic Greek exterior is impressive but just wait until you get inside. Fourteen of the buildings many rooms have been decorated in the fashion of many different periods of architecture.

Tours are given twice a day Monday through Friday and last about an hour. On the tour you’ll see each of these amazing rooms from the towering Roman Empire-style atrium and the massive Roman auditorium with its great Kimball pipe organ to elegant English Adam-influenced reception rooms. In between you’ll see rooms with Pompeiian, Assyrian and Egyptian themes. The 13th century Gothic library delights younger visitors with its Harry Potter-esque look.

My favorite room is the Egyptian Room. Wall paintings were inspired by the Thebian Version of the Book of the Dead. The designs were done in the same manner as 4th Dynasty Egyptians, hand-grinding minerals for color then mixing them with egg whites or yolks.

You won’t be told any secrets but you will learn a lot more about Masonry and its roots. And you’ll enjoy walking through this wonderful text book of architecture and design.

At A Glance

900 E. Oklahoma Ave.
Guthrie 73044

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