Gutenberg Square

A Great Place to Hang Out

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Remember Johannes Gutenberg, the guy who is credited with inventing movable-type and a printing press that mass-produced books? A statue of him dominates one of the most popular public squares in Strasbourg; a fantastic place to enjoy a cold drink and do a bit of people watching. Kids will want to take a ride on the carousel.

Take notice of the lovely French-German Renaissance buildings that enclose the square. And, look closely at Gutenberg himself. He’s holding a printed page from his first project, a Latin Bible. You can almost hear his famous words: Look upon my printed glory.

Art buffs will be interested in the bas-relief at the base of the statue depicting scenes of Gutenberg’s achievements. David d’Angers sculpted the work in 1840.

At A Glance

Place Gutenberg
Strasbourg Alsace 67000

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