Five hundred years old – or sixty?

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The Guildhall is tucked away down an alleyway off St Helens Square, at the side of the The Mansion House (official residence of the Lord Mayor). Its entrance is very modest, though viewed from the other side, the river, it looks much grander. You can see its riverfront view from Lendal Bridge, round the corner.

The craft guilds of medieval York were extremely important local groups which looked after the interests of the different trades of the city. This building was originally their meeting place from 1445, though after a hundred years it was taken over by the city council for its meetings.

The original building was bombed in an air-raid in 1942 but was carefully rebuilt after the war. Today it is used for meetings and conferences.

Inside, look out for the grotesque faces on the ceiling. The stained glass window (part of the twentieth century reconstruction) shows the history of York, together with notable local luminaries.

NEARBY Betty’s, Museum Gardens, Stonegate, City Screen

At A Glance

St Helens Square
York YO1 9QN
Mon - Fri 9 - 5, Sat 10 - 5, Sun 2 - 5


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