Guest Haus Bed and Breakfast

Beautiful natural surroundings are a big part of stays at this HomeStay B & B

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At Guest Haus Bed & Breakfast two small bedrooms invite rest and relaxation. You’ll share an upstairs bath at this little B & B located two miles west of the Kansas State University, and share a television and conversation downstairs, with owners, Mike and Gloria Heiberger; or relax in the loft area. The modern, wood-sided home sits amid rolling hills and near a wood area. Guest Haus Bed & Breakfast is also known for its beautiful, meticulously maintained gardens. Wander amid a babbling water feature and along wooden paths while admiring your natural surroundings. There’s also a large deck with woodland views. Gloria provides a daily continental breakfast with morning treats as well as fresh fruit, juice, tea and coffee. You may be surprised to find light refreshments in your room, sometime during your stay, too. It’s a very personal kind of lodging experience.

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1724 Sheffield Circle
Manhattan 66503

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