Grow 40

A food and drinks celebration open all day

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Grow 40 is a cafe, bar, restaurant and general good place to hang out! They love a drink and have their own wine club as well as fantastic cocktails made from homemade infusions. Perhaps most importantly they have excellent coffee.

Breakfast is a particular highlight. I enjoyed a superb sausage sandwich and the menu was extensive. Lunch has a broad range on offer – from homemade soup and sandwiches to cheese and charcuterie plates to full on pasta dishes.

Dinner is a tighter european style menu. Don’t miss the side dish of mustard mac and cheese – but make sure you order it ahead! After dinner is where Grow 40 really comes into its own with fantastic desserts, cheeses, liqueurs, liqueur coffees, cocktails and more!

Seating is over 2 floors and you can sit inside or out.

At A Glance

40 Kensington Gardens
Brighton East Sussex BN1 4AL
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