Grey’s Monument

Monument to a great local man

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This 30m (130 ft) high monument with it’s statue of Lord Grey on top is Grade 1 listed structure. The statue was sculpted by Edward Hodges Bailey who went on to create Nelson’s Column in London.

The Great Reform Act

The structure was erected in 1838 to commemorate the passing of the Great Reform Act which among other things broadened the franchise allowing more men to vote.

Earl Grey Tea

Lord Grey, later to inherit the title of Earl Grey, was a local man who was Prime Minister when the Act was passed but is probably better known for a particular blend of tea which was made and named specially for him.

Getting closer to Earl Grey

The monument can be accessed only on the first Saturday of each Summer month. Tickets are limited – in fact they are sold out for 2017.

The gardens of Lord Grey’s ancestral home at Howick in Northumberland are open for visits. You can even enjoy a cup of the great man’s favourite tea in the cafe area.

At A Glance

22 Hunt Hea
Newcastle upon Tyne


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