Gregorius of Nin

A defining image of Split

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Old Gregorius or Gregory of Nin would no doubt be pleased that his form is one of the defining images of Split.

Gregory was a medieval Croatian Bishop who in 926 threw out Latin and introduced the Croatian language into religious service. Not only did this help to promote the Croatian language and culture but Greg is credited with making Christianity all the stronger in the then Croatian kingdom.

The famed Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, created the statue in 1929 and it originally stood at Peristil inside the palace. During World War II the statue was moved outside the city by Italian occupying forces.
Today, Gregory of Nin stands proudly just outside the Golden Gate (north of the old town).

No men with gold fingers here, just that big golden toe.
Rub it for good luck and you will certainly (or so legend has it) come back to Split.

You’ll find more of Mestrovic’s work at Mestrovic Gallery.

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