Green Boats (Bateaux Verts)

The way to Saint-Tropez

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When the roads get snarled along the Riviera, especially the road to Saint-Tropez, there is only one solution (unless you have a helicopter): Les Bateaux Verts. The Green Boats.

The shuttle service (navettes) connecting Sainte-Maxime to Saint-Tropez will add peace and sanity to your vacation, and possibly save your marriage, by averting what could be a bumper-to-bumper crawl ?along a two lane coastal road during high season.

Park in Sainte-Maxime at the port and buy tickets directly at the Bateaux Verts office on the pier. The boats leave every 15-30 minutes during summer then every hour all night long.

The ride over is 15 minutes long. Round trip adults €13.50 kids: €7.50

During off season, boats run less frequently so check online for exact times.

From from Sainte-Maxime and Saint-Tropez, Les Bateaux Verts also offer excursions to Porquerolles Island, and Cannes and Ile. Ste-Marguerite for a spectacular ?tour along the Mediterranean coast.


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