Great Walks of Queensland

Take a multi-day hike to extraordinary forests, mountains or sweeps of coast

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Great Walks of Queensland is a multimillion dollar state government initiative to create a system of world-class long-distance walking tracks through national parks and World Heritage areas. The ten completed tracks explore mountains, valleys, tangled rainforests and islands. They offer a range of options, from family-friendly single-leg strolls between villages to multi-day extended pack-carrying hikes in remote country. All showcase the diverse delights of bushwalking Queensland.

I’ve done three Great Walks – Fraser Island, Carnarvon, and Sunshine Coast Hinterland – and loved them all, although Carnarvon is my stand-out favourite.

Great Walks utilise small, exclusive, walk-in camp sites. Most have water (treatment is recommended) and composting toilets; lockable food bins are provided on Fraser Island to keep out the wildlife.

There is no cost to tread a Great Walk but there are camping fees and sites must be pre-booked (on-line or by phone).

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(617) 137468
A$5.95 per person per night for Great Walks campsites

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