Grape Lane

A very grown-up snickelway ...

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Grapes in York??
Stroll down the medieval alleyway Coffee Yard leading off Stonegate, and you pass under a very low entrance, tunnels under buildings and emerge into Grape Lane, now a smart snickelway with a variety of boutique shops and cafés, leading on to Swinegate with its newer venues.

But Grape Lane was not always so grand. It is recorded that in the 14th century this was York’s red light district, and the houses were of ill-repute.

Thus the name. Grape comes from grap, meaning grope. And the local visitors to the ladies resident there actually knew it as Grope **** Lane. (Check Wikipedia if you’re curious.)
Nothing at all to do with fine wine or vineyards, then.

TIME Allow a few minutes

NEARBY Barley Hall, Stonegate, Minster, El Piano

At A Glance

Grape Lane
York Y1 7HU


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