Grand Central Terminal

Cathedral for trains

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4/5/6/7/S to 42 St-Grand Central

“Grand” is an understatement to describe the city’s most magnificent public interior. The jaw-dropping main hall inspires awe amid the constant swarm of commuters.

An average of 700,000 people pass through each day, including tourists star gazing at the astronomical mural on the ceiling in the main hall. Electric stars twinkle from constellations representing the winter Mediterranean sky.

Trains depart for destinations in the Bronx, upstate New York and Connecticut from 44 platforms, more than any station in the world. Even if you have no intention of riding the rails, Grand Central is convenient for lunch.

The downstairs dining concourse has many take-away options and a public seating area. For something more refined, the Oyster Bar is a landmark eatery with an extensive seafood menu. Outside the Oyster Bar people may be standing in opposite corners. They’re not talking to the wall, but rather to each other. This is the Whispering Gallery where sound travels across the tiles of the curved ceiling, making words audible on the other end of the arc.

For a mouthwatering look at what New Yorkers are cooking for dinner, walk through Grand Central Market upstairs on the east side towards Lexington Av.

• The Municipal Art Society leads a 75-minute walking tour everyday at 12:30pm. $20 adult.
• Fridays at 12:30pm, a free 90-minute tour by the Grand Central Partnership meets across the street from Grand Central at 120 Park Avenue in the sculpture court on the southwest corner of 42 St and Park Av.

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Grand Central Terminal

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