Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Stand on the edge of this giant abyss

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Like a great gash in the forest, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone rips open with orange and white cliffs. At the bottom, the Yellowstone River froths through the canyon. It crashes over two ledges. The Upper Falls is huge, but the Lower Falls tumbles the furthest.

Several roads access both sides of the 20-mile-long canyon lip. From multiple parking areas, trails lead to overlooks. Especially nears the falls, the water’s roar pervades the canyon. The most famous overlooks with the shortest amount of walking are Lookout Point and Artist Point. But steep stairways at Uncle Tom’s and Red Rocks lead to platforms that provide closer views.

At the brinks of both falls, platforms extend to the edge where you can look down the falls thundering hundreds of feet. Trails also line the canyon rim on both sides. Some options hike further away from the busloads of tourists that crowd the famed observation sites.

Vehicles can drive to the canyon mid-April through early November. In winter, snowcoaches provide the only way to see it.

At A Glance

North Rim Drive and South Rim Drive
Canyon Village Wyoming 82190


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