Grand Canyon

Much more than a "just a big hole"

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If you haven’€™t been to the Grand Canyon, what are you waiting for? After all, it is one of the original Seven Wonders of the World, right up there with the Victoria Falls and the Great Barrier Reef, and it’€™s only a few hours’€™ drive from Phoenix.

Depending on your fitness level and abilities, there are several ways to explore the canyon. You can take the scenic driving tour at the South Rim or hike part of the way down. Or, if you’ve got the stamina, you can hike in and out. Don’t try to do it in one day, though, no matter how athletic you are. The National Park Service strongly advises against hiking in and out on the same day.

If you plan ahead, you can take a jeep or helicopter tour. Unless you’ve made reservations at least a year in advance, forget about taking a mule ride or raft trip, though.

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Grand Canyon
$25 per private vehicle, good for seven days
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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