Gordon College & Chebacco Woods

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It is framed on all sides by roads, and it’s hard-to-impossible to get truly lost, but you won’t believe it when you’re riding. With its location less than a mile off Rt. 128, Gordon is laughably easy to find, and provides a much more woodsy experience than you’d expect given that description. One reason is the lakes, which give a feeling of distance. Another is the series of hills which provide just enough height (and breathlessness) to give some perspective. Somehow, these trails have a wide variety of plants and surfaces, enough so that on one easy ride, you can find yourself weaving through tight birch trees on sandy singletrack, blazing down a fire road, and challenging yourself descending a series of giant glacial boulders. One caveat: bring lots of bug spray or you’ll be sorry.

Arriving at the college campus, the trails are in the back left of the property. Wherever you park, you’ll find a gate and a gravel road, which are your access for all the trails.

Alternatively, you can continue on 128 to the next exit, Pine St., and turn right at the end of the ramp.  There are plenty of places to park, and the best bet is to pull off at the first open place you see, then begin exploring by bike. The road continues dirt for a couple of miles, and numerous trailheads will show themselves on your left.

Then simply explore!

At A Glance

255 Grapevine Road
Wenham 01984
Sunrise to Sunset

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