Google Store and Android Lawn Statues

Take a selfie with a menu of desserts and treats

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A dozen or more large plastic statues named after treats and desserts for code names for successive versions of the Google Android mobile operating system are displayed on a corner outside the Google Merchandise Store on Landings Drive, Mountain View.

A few days before each new OS is introduced, Google unveils a statue representing that code name. The green Android Robot was first then followed by Cupcake, Donout, Éclair, Frozen Yogurt and more. The public is encouraged to take photos on the lawn and make purchases at the store.

The nearby Visitor Center is open ONLY to Google employees and their guests. Note this is NOT the Googleplex headquarters building. That is about half a mile away at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View.

Photo: David Laws

At A Glance

1981 Landings Drive
Mountain View California


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