Goody Goody Gum Drop


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Prepare yourself for visual and olfactory overload when you step into this hot-pink building on the Strip near Timbavati Wildlife Park. The main portion of the shop is stuffed with every type of candy imaginable, from inexpensive hard candies to elegant truffles. A smaller section off to the back holds the ice cream and gelato.

A train gently chugs along a track near the ceiling. But the kids filling the aisles barely notice, as they’re too busy taking in all the, um, goodies.

Staff make the gelato, fudge and a few other products by hand.


Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Additional locations downtown at 401 Broadway and in the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort.

At A Glance

2210 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.
Wisconsin Dells WI 53965


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