Goa Gajah

The Elephant Cave

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Open 8am to 4pmdaily. Entry: Adults Rp15,000 Child Rp7,500.

An earthquake in 1917 brought down much of the building surrounding this 11th Century temple of meditation, though there was little damage inside the cave that is hewn deep into the rock face.   An intricately carved entrance forms the mouth of a creature. It is uncertain if this is origin of the cave’s name or the trunk-like shape of the river flowing below. Or perhaps it is the statue of the god Ganesha, which is inside the cave and features the head of an elephant.

Opposite Ganesha are stone Lingam and Yoni honouring Shiva. A number of empty alters within the chamber are thought to be for meditation.

In the courtyard facing the cave is a bathing area where three female water features feed holy water into the pool, providing protection to those who bathe in it. Further downward exploration will bring you to a picturesque waterfall and small Buddhist temple which has been rebuilt since the original collapsed during the earthquake.

If your knees are not covered, you will need to wear a sarong to visit the temple, otherwise you’ll need a sash.This is included in the entry ticket. English speaking guides are available onsite and charge around Rp50,000.

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