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Gluges is a very pleasant small village nestling at the foot of the limestone cliffs of the Causse de Martel, on the banks of the River Dordogne just south of the town of Martel.

Not on the main tourist trail, Gluges is a very quiet and peaceful village with a nice church and a few houses. There is also a ruined church founded by the crusader Mirandol on his return from the Holy Land in the 12th century.

It is precisely the calm of this place which gave it a link with the legendary chanteuse Edith Piaf who used to come here to escape from her busy life as an entertainer. She loved the church so much that she donated a large sum of money in order to repair the windows which were in a dangerous state of repair on condition that the gift was kept secret.

Piaf died aged only 45 in 1963 and only then was the Curée able to announce to his parishioners where the money had come from. Their gratitude led to them naming the small square outside of the church in her honour.

Don’t miss the nearby village of Creysse and its unusual double-apsed church.

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