Glentress Forest

Scotland's no.1 mountain bike destination

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Over the past decade or so Glentress Forest has put a huge amount of effort into developing its mountain biking potential. It’s the largest and most successful of seven forests in the Borders region to do so, and they market themselves collectively as the 7stains.

It’s fair to say that the Glentress selection of mountain bike routes (graded like ski runs: black-expert; red-difficult; blue-intermediate; green-easy) can provide you with a great day on fat tyres whatever your ability or experience.

There’s a bike park too, with various jumps, wall rides and like that are like fly-paper to teenagers.

A few reasonable marked hiking trails in the forest offer options to non-bikers as does a Go Ape! centre for tree-top climbing adventures, that’s much like the centre at Aberfolye.

Glentress’ services include a good
cafe and bike store (with a full range of rentals) and there’s coaching
available too with companies such as Dirt School.

At A Glance

Peebles EH45 8NB
Daily parking charge: £5

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