Girolamini Monumental Complex

An understated entry secrets a Baroque beauty.

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Entrance to the Girolamini Monumental Complex built by the Oratorian Fathers (1592 – 1619) sits across the street from the Duomo, though it doesn’t command much attention. Behind its humble doors, however, is a stunning church, two precious cloisters and a picture gallery with a view. Baroque treasures abound: Giuseppe Sanmartino’s (the Veiled Christ) Angels and Luca Giordano’s frescoed depiction of the Neapolitan lazzaroni, just to name two.

Though you’ll rarely find it open, the church’s main entrance is on Via dei Tribunali in Piazza dei Girolamini where you’ll find a Banksy (British graffiti artist) angel on a wall to the right of the church. Girolamini is also home to the second oldest library (1586) in Italy (the oldest in Naples) and its 160,000 precious texts. Unfortunately, it is no longer open to the public after a scandalous affair in which the (ex) director got caught pilfering thousands of the library’s texts.

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