George Washington House, Barbados

George slept here!

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George Washington House, Barbados, is a historical surprise for many visitors. Few people know that the first president of the United States left his own country only once, and that was to visit Barbados. His brother Lawrence was ill and a young nineteen-year-old George came to the island to be with him. They stayed in the stately 18th-century plantation home that is now a museum and part of the Unesco World  Heritage Historic Garrison Area.

George Washington House recreates the rooms where Washington and his brother would have lived. It is also a museum dedicated to the history of 18th- and 19th-century Barbados. The lawns and gardens are lovely, there’s a good cafe, and there are guided tours of the house.

One interesting event is the historic dinners. Dinner with George is an interactive dinner and theatre event held in the dining room, where the food, drink and entertainment are authentically 17th century. The special dinner is seasonal, held from January to April, and is the perfect event for history buffs.

At A Glance

Bush Hill, The Historic Garrison Area
St. Michael
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