Gennargentu Mountains of Sardinia

National Park in the Mountains

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The Gennargentu Mountains are a Sardinian National Park on the central east side of Sardinia. The park, situated in a vast territory with some of the most unspoiled and wild mountains of the island, covers most of the Nuoro and the Ogliastra provinces. The highest peak is Punta della Marmora, 1834 meters tall, the island’s tallest mountain .

The Gennargentu range includes the Supramonte, a white limestone mountain covered with thick holm oak forests, karst caves, dolines and natural canyons. Near the Supramonte are the pretty mountain villages of Oliena, Orgosolo and Dorgali.

Rare wild flowers, aromatic shrubs, mouflon wild sheep, wild boars, red foxes, eagles and the Griffon vultures, and very beautiful butterflies make this mountain a real open air paradise.

The Gennargentu mountains and the Supramonte are the favorite Sardinian destinations for those who are fond of speleology, hiking and climbing.

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