Gavan Hill/Harbor Mountain

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There is a running debate among the local outdoorsy folk about which mountain is a better hike, Mount Verstovia or Gavan Hill. The Gavan Hill die-hards don’t mind the wooden-stair hike to the peak. Any unpleasant huffing and puffing endured in the climb is easily made up for with the breathtaking views of Sitka Sound and Baranof Island. Above the tree line, the level ridge trail winds through alpine muskegs and landslides and leads you to Harbor Mountain parking lot. From there, you can get a ride back to town – though be sure to organize your ride before your hike, as there is no cell service at the lot. You can also start your hike at Harbor Mountain parking lot to reduce the amount of climbing and end your hike closer to the city center.

Difficulty: Hard
Length: 4-5 hours from trailhead to trailhead
Access from city center: Short walk to Gavan, drive-up to Harbor Mountain

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