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Lying alongside the Creek south of Deira, the busy inner-city suburb of Garhoud is best known as the home of the city’s international airport, meaning that it’s usually rammed with traffic night and day, while the formless concrete sprawl surrounding the airport’s three terminals isn’t anything to write home about either.

The rest of the area offers a slightly schizophrenic mix of up- and downmarket attractions. At the heart of the suburb lies the huge Deira City Centre, one of the largest and most popular malls in the city, usually packed with local Indians and Filipinas shopping for groceries or ogling the window displays.

Just over the road lie the sweeping fairways of the Dubai Creek Golf Club, centred on the landmark clubhouse, with its distinctively quirky outline, like a tangle of sails.

The club grounds are also home to the superb Park Hyatt hotel and the posh Dubai Yacht Club next door. There’s also a surprisingly good spread of places to eat and drink strung out along the Creekside waterfront here, with refreshing breezes and wonderful waterside views, especially after dark.

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Deira City Centre metro

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