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The best tour in town to see King's Landing

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If you don’t like the series Game of Thrones, you’re in the wrong place!

The best way to see the Dubrovnik sights that were used in the series is to take a Game of Thrones walking tour. Why? The series uses a lot of green screens and digital imaging to add and subtract from the way things look in reality, some of the places you won’t even recognise in their real form.

This is where Tomislav from Tour the Game of Thrones comes in. A fan of the show from the very beginning, (his sister was an extra), and with unsurpassed knowledge, he has worked out how many female breasts you will see per episode, Tomislav will guide you like no one else can.

The reason I recommend the tour is because he carries with him a folder of all the scenes from the series so that you can compare how they look on screen versus off-screen.
He has numerous Game of Thrones tour options from a couple of hours to a full day, loads of funny stories about the cast and buckets of insider information.

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