Galleria Umberto

In a city known for it's Baroque, this 19th-century arcade is a rare architectural gem.

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If you’ve been to Milan, you’ve seen Galleria Umberto’s big brother, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, but of course, Naples version has a flair all its own. It also has a little brother, the Galleria Principe near the Archaeological Museum.

Look up towards the glass and steel dome. See if you can find the mysterious symbols fused into its skeleton. Look down at the mosaic floor. Dancers have tangoed across its astrological signs and its frosted windows illuminate the Galleria’s subterranean tenant, the Belle Époque Salone Margherita.

This upscale shopping mall is photo worthy inside and out and it’s a great spot for sitting, chatting, sipping and people watching, and of course, sfogliatella sampling. Leave time to visit the Ascione Coral Museum and Showroom and you if you’re really enamored with this cross-shaped arcade, spend a night or two at the Hotel Art Resort Galleria Umberto.

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Via San Carlo

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