Fyvie Castle

Elegant and haunted

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Fyvie Castle might date back to the 13th century, but its Baronial look is a good bit more recent. Its masterful main towers and elegant interior plaster work are turn-of-the-17th-century features. The castle’s magnificent sweeping staircase is another particular highlight; as is its vegetable garden.

But the key headline grabber are the castle’s hauntings, which have made it the subject of a British TV documentary (see it here). Spooky features include a woman’s skeleton in a secret chamber; a blood stain that won’t be washed away and two ghosts.

If you’ve a fear of the paranormal then good luck!

And if Fyvie castle really captures your imagination, browse this website which includes details of haunted spots elsewhere in Scotland.

At A Glance

44 1651 891266
Adult £12.50; Family £29.50; 1 Parent £23.00; Concession £9.00

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