Fruili Venezia Giulia Region

Fruili-Venezia Giulia, Italy's Northeast Corner

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Fruili-Venezia Giulia, in the northeastern corner of Italy, is a region of rocky beaches and mountains with good skiing. It borders on Italy’s Veneto region and the countries of Austria and Slovenia. San Daniele prosciutto and good white wine are produced in this region and the cuisine is heavily influenced by Austrian cuisine. Trieste and Udine are on Italy’s northeastern rail line and there’s a small airport about 40 kilometers from Trieste called Trieste No-Borders Airport. FVG.


  • Trieste is the principal city of the region and a large seaport on the Adriatic Sea. It was an important city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and became part of Italy after WWI. Being very near Slovenia, it shows both Slovenian and Austrian influence. Highlights are the large piazza that fronts the sea, Roman remains, a long pier, and several interesting churches and museums. Near Trieste is the Miramare Castle, on the waterfront.
  • Udine is topped by a castle from where there’s a great view of the city. The city has portico-lined squares, a 13th century cathedral, shops, and cafes.
  • Grado is a top seaside resort town, that’s really an island connected to the mainland by bridges. The nearby lagoon of Grado is full of birds. Grado makes a great base for visiting the area, including Aquileia and Trieste.
  • Aquileia, near Grado and the Adriatic Sea, was an important city of the ancient Roman empire. You can visit the excavations and the archeological museum, one of the best for Roman artifacts. The town also has medieval sights including a basilica with beautiful mosaics. Aquileia is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • San Daniele del Friuli, besides being famous for its special style of prosciutto or ham, is a Cittaslow, or slow city, ranked high for its quality of life.
  • Grotta Gigante is the world’s largest tourist cave and is filled with large stalactites and stalagmites. See the web site for visiting information.
  • The Dolomite Mountains, in the northern part of the region, provide top ski areas and summer hiking. PiancavalloForni di SopraRavascletto, and Tarvisio are 4 of the top mountain towns with ski areas.

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