Friends of the Asian Elephant hospital, Lampang

Caring for sick elephants

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This elephant hospital reveals the tragic side of human/elephant interaction, treating victims of injury and landmine attacks. Day visitors can visit the animals in their enclosures and hear their stories – elephants such as Mosha, whose leg was blown off by a landmine and now sports the world’s first prosthetic elephant leg. While this sweet-natured girl will never be able to roam free and will remain in the hospital for life, she at least now has mobility and quality of care, thanks to the donations of international tourists. To date, the hospital has treated around 4000 elephants, including 15 landmine victims like Mosha.

At A Glance

295 Lampang-Chiang Mai Road, Viangtan,
Lampang 52190
(66) 548-29307

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