Fremantle Prison

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Discover WA’s gruesome past with a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Fremantle Prison.

Built in the 1850s by the first convicts occupying the site from 1855 right up until 1991, you won’t mind doing time on any number of the available tours.
Trek on foot and by boat through the labyrinth of tunnels 20 metres below on the Tunnels Tour where prisoners were once ordered to lard labour in the
tunnels which served as a water catchment. Or Visit the gallows where hangings once took place at 8.00am on Monday mornings right up until 1964.

Pick up a few choice words at the Convict Café with its menu
written in convict slang.

But before you make your great escape check out the
gallery located in the Gatehouse featuring unique prisoner artworks and
touring exhibitions relevant to the prison.

Unless you’ve been naughty of course, and need to be incarcerated overnight with a stay in a YHA cell or one of the guards colonial cottages outside the prison walls. Sleeping over 200 guests and offering Wi-Fi, heating, TVs and en-suites, you won’t exactly be roughing it as its former inmates once did.

At A Glance

1 The Terrace
Fremantle Western Australia 6160

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