Frankie’s Tiki Room

Say aloha to a five-skulll Zombie

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Barflies gravitate toward this candy-pink neon sign in the shadow of the I-15 Freeway. Don’t let the tattooed bouncer deter you from ambling inside to check out the authentic tiki décor (what you can see of it, that is – the interior is as dark as inside a Polynesian volcano). Frankie’s tropical cocktail menu rates its zany concoctions by strength from one to five skulls, so don’t say you weren’t warned about the potent Zombie or the Fink Bomb. The only downside is how smoky it gets inside the bar. Otherwise, we’d make this tiki dive our home away from home. Honest.

At A Glance

1712 West Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas
Open 24 hours daily

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