Franciscan Monastery and Museum

and the third-oldest functioning pharmacy in Europe

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According to church records, the Franciscan order arrived in Dubrovnik around 1234 and this wonderful structure was built sometime during the 14th century. On the outside you’ll find bullet damage from the 90s war – the city of Dubrovnik choose not to repair this to serve as a reminder of the atrocity that took place here.

Inside the monastery, there’s the third-oldest functioning pharmacy in Europe and a 14th century cloister that’s said to be one of the most valuable late Romanesque creations in Dalmatia. The monastery has another cloister in Gothic style, but it is for private use only.

You’ll find a museum with a collection of liturgical and art objects is exhibited in the large Renaissance hall that contains pharmacy objects, paintings by old masters, gold-work and rare books.

The monastery owns one of the richest libraries in the Croatia. The book collection consists of over 70,000 books and over 1,200 of these are old manuscripts.

Now for the fun part. To the left of the Franciscan church entrance, on Stradun, there’s a stone protruding from the wall with a carved face. It’s said that this odd face-carved stone grants wishes. Whoever can climb the stone, take off and put back his/her shirt while balancing on the stone, all while telling the stone its wish – will have his/her wish granted!

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